Spread Wager 101

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We love sports because of the thrill of the unexpected, but nearly every event has an obvious underdog. Instead of a lopsided wager like “Who will win?” spreading allows players to say, “How much will they win by?” This creates a more dynamic playing environment with multiple options to take.

So, how does it work?  

Let’s say Washington State is playing USC in baseball. USC is the 4-point favorite. You would see it posted something like this: USC (-4) or WSU (+4). 

If a player posts on Washington State, the “underdog”, they are said to take the points and will win if Wazzu’s score plus the spread is greater than USC’s score.
•  The eventual score is Wazzu 8, USC 108 + 4 > 10, so the player wins;
•  The eventual score is Wazzu 8, USC 138 + 4 < 13, so the player loses.
If the player wagers on USC, the “favorite”, they give the points and will win if the USC’s score minus the spread is greater than Wazzu’s score:
-      The eventual score is Wazzu 5, USC 1010 – 4 > 5, so the player wins;
-      The eventual score is Wazzu 8, USC 1010 – 4 < 8, so the player loses.

PostitPlayit is unique in that it allows users to do their research and set their own spreads. It requires a bit more skill but creates a much more exciting environment.   

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